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  1. VSN-3324

When publishing to a remote Confluence, permalink is used as a page title


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a space with initial version in Source (Duplicate Pagetitles feature is activated)
      2. Create a new page in initial version with page title "Page A"
      3. Edit the page, change the page title to "Page A Plus" (permalink remains as "Page A"
      4. Create a new space in Target
      5. Publish the space to existing space in Target
      6. Go to the published space in Target

      Expected result:
      A page has a page title "Page A Plus"

      Actual result:
      A page has a page title "Page A"

      Additional notes:

      • The issue is not reproducible with Scroll Versions and Remote Endpoint 3.2.3 on Confluence 5.9 and 5.10.

      Workaround A:
      If Target has Scroll Versions installed, you can use this workaround.

      1. After step #4 open the created space → Space Tools → Space Add-ons
      2. Go to Advanced Settings → click on Manage Settings → enabled Duplicate Pagetitles → click Save
      3. Click on Manage Settings again → disabled Duplicate Pagetitles → click Save
      4. Publish to this existing space

      Workaround B:

      • De-activate duplicate pagetitle handling in authoring space


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